"I Don't Care If it Hurts... I Wanna Have Control"

“I want a perfect body–eyy, I wanna perfect soul”

Just sharing a bit of info delivered to myself.

I’m a selfish, absorbed, megalomaniac, whom cannot flourish in relationships…carry on friends.

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Great song, great band.

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One of my favorite songs by them. Don’t they hate it and refuse to play it in concert now?


They do.

They enjoy playing more of the “Kid A”, experimental bullshit no one wants to listen to.

This performance is amazing. Thom seems coked out of his mind by the way his jaw is grinding but they kill it.


Sortof. They seem to have a love hate relationship with it. Theyve pulled it out in encores since they swore it off.

i beg your pardon . . .

I kinda understand. Creep was the first song of theirs I heard and caused me to buy their CD. Nothing else on the CD sounds like that song, and I never listened to it much. Years later, I’ve grown to appreciate their other stuff, but they’ll always be the band that sings “Creep” to me.


They were riding the height of grunge’s popularity with that song and yorke has been quoted saying they “sucked satans cock” for doing it. They didnt like it from the beginning. It put them on the map and is a great song, but as you said, it sounds nothing like the rest of their stuff.

edit for wrong info

Radiohead was sued for the song being a ripoff of The Air That I Breathe by the Hollies. I didn’t believe it until you listen to the songs back to back I’m still a huge fan of Radiohead. I think There There is probably their best song.