I don't even know if I want GTA 4

 I thought Saint's Row was better in many respects than the last GTA game, and Saint's Row 2 is coming out in August and the new GTA looks kind of gay with the Eastern European story line and everything


I'm sure GTA will be fun and all, I'm just starting to think that Saint's Row 2 will be more fun, and that I can stand to wait a couple months for either the price to come down on GTA or for SR2 to come out


Obviously I'm about to get flamed for saying this, but am i the only one who is kind of "bleh" about GTA 4?

jason hornbuckle - I can stand to wait a couple months for either the price to come down on GTA or for SR2 to come out

Damn you must be broke

 nah, i've got money, i just don't know if i feel like spending $60 on a game that will be $40 in a couple months, that's all

I mean i just picked up a few 360 games that i've never played before for like $25 each, so its not like I don't have stuff to play, and i just don't know if i'm all that pumped about GTA anymore, and if i buy it for full price, play it a little and then put it down for Saint's Row 2 that just seems stupid

 GTA will make Saint's Row looked like the rushed stopgap cash-in attempt that it is.

obviously Saint's Row was derivative, but it was better in some ways and I liked the story better too

Saints Row 2 vs GTA 4 is anyone's guess, but it wouldn't shock me if SR2 is better once the hype dies down

GTA4 is the future of gaming.

Speaking of GTA 4...

It went gold today so rumours of a delay have been put to rest.


I gotta admit i enjoyed saints row way more then GTA SA,

Saints row 2 looks pretty decent so im definately getting it.
I'll get GTA IV too but to be honest more hyped for SR2.

 "It went gold today"


*checks newsgroups*

 yeah Psycho, that's all i'm saying. I played all the other GTA games and SR, and SR wasn't perfect or anything but other than crashing constantly i thought it was over all a better game

and i'm really just not feeling the whole "immigrant caught up with the mob" storyline in GTA4. i wish they'd left it a little vague, or maybe allowed you to select your own back ground to an extent


anyway, i'm sure i'll play GTA 4 at some point, i just don't know if i'm going to be in some huge hurry to pick it up, that's all


checks newsgroups"


GTA 4 is one of those games that is worth buying imo.

TheMorg826 - GTA4 is the future of gaming.

the new RAGE system and amazon link system is definatly the defination of next gen. I think the physics in this game will surpass any other.