"I don't feel like a loser" WTF???

No offence to Andy, but what the fuck was he talking about? There is no shame in losing, but when you lie to your coach, don't listen a word he says, get beat up fighting an incredibly stupid and ugly fight and then break down and sob like a four-year-old, how can you not feel like a loser?

I like the Japanese saying (Enson's motto)

Live like a Man
Die like a Man
Become a Man

(in that order)

Need to insert "Get beat up like a Man"

He didnt' feel he was a loser b/c he is a loser.. LOSER!!!!
Most people who are dumb don't know that they are dumb either...

"Live like a Man Die like a Man Become a Man "

people who walk around talking about being a "man" all the time usually have no idea what they're even trying to be. Enson is an awesome example of that. I would hope that anyone in the sport could aspire to be more than someone who has to give up belts because they attack reporters, or someone who's entourage repeatedly kicks off riots at shows or who repeatedly attacks officials or someone who has a restraining order against him because he threw rocks at a Gracie dojo

if all that is part of what makes you a "man" then no thanks


Agree 100%. Enson whole "man" thing also included getting pounded into near death on a regular basis, not tapping to deep subs and getting choked unconscious. I guess that's what's needed to be a man these days as well.

REAL men post on the internet forums:

Post like a man, Blog like a man, become a man.

Just joking...

I don't like that Enson mentality either. Basically Andy fought like Enson, only worse. Brawling like that is ridiculous. General Patton's quote is better: "No poor bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making other bastards die for their country."