i don't get coconut water?

doesn't matter the brand or flavor, or straight from the coconut.

i'd rather drink the sweat off the micro's buttcheeks who picked the damn thing.

wtf seriously disgusting.

nom nom

Being a goat eating jungle people, I grew up drinking that shit from a fuking coconut.....was good. I tried one packaged and couln't finish it. Worse than licking a goats leaking asshole.

Try C2O...if you dont like that brand then quit. C2O is the holy grail. This brand gets their nuts from thailand so no micro ass flavor. Phone Post

sorry. all of it is horseshit. :(

It's not supposed to taste like Monster(TM)!

I drink Coconut water for hangovers or more alcohol to even out.

I'm used to the taste from my Micro upbringing.

Know thy enemy! Phone Post

definitely is an aquired taste.

love the stuff.

Latch key kid...guess what I was drinking while playing in the yard after school every day? NOM NOM!

That upturned pick axe was a constant fixture in my yard.