I don't get tribute bands

Do they have to pay a fee to a record company or get permission. That band Badfish has been around longer than the actual band Sublime and probably has made more money. Also I liked sublime back in 1995 but how the hell do you make a full tribute band out of them? Any cover band at a bar could do them Phone Post 3.0

That's a good question. Some of those bands have made a killing. 2U comes to mind Phone Post 3.0


Local bands don't get permission. They just do it until they are legally told to stop (which never happens).

Australian Pink Floyd are probably not worried about whether they can eat tomorrow.

They have permission from the original band, though. Phone Post 3.0



lol, that was funny.

I don't really understand tribute bands either, but I love when one of my favorite bands cover a song from another musician.

I get like Beatles or Elvis. Again, you're a cover band if you do sublime Phone Post 3.0

That is a good question. I imagine if they are big and making money, there has to be a contract of some sort where the original writers of each song and the label get a certain percentage of that money - otherwise we would be seeing lots of lawsuits. And if that is the case, I'd bet the original artists and labels are happy to be receiving that extra income while not doing any of the work to get it. I imagine it's something like this, but it's just a guess.

As to why people would do it, that's easy. There are lots of mega fans of every band, but most aren't musicians themselves. The ones that are - well, there you go. It's a lot easier to learn covers than write originals, and less risk. If you are talented and cover a popular bands songs very well, $$$. To write originals it's very hard these days to get noticed unless you sound like an already popular band in that genre. Which is why these days we have less diverse sounding bands - the labels only want bands that soun like already popular ones, even if you are completely original with amazing songs, most labels won't take that risk when they don't have to. since Nirvana it seems the amount of bands out there exploded, and labels can take the safe road now and sign "copycat" bands.

Dressed To Kill, the worlds greatest KISS cover band.

So much fucking fun Phone Post 3.0

I think there was a court ruling involving CCR and John Fogerty that covers this shit. Or maybe not, who knows. Phone Post 3.0

One of the cleverest has to be Hayseed Dixie who are a bluegrass AC/DC cover band Phone Post 3.0

Saw a Cult cover band at the house of Blues on sunset in like 2001. It was a pretty fun show and they sounded great. My gf at the time convinced me to go. Ive appreciated good cover bands since. There's a whole "we're watching these people pretend to be someone else" vibe throughout the whole show and it was very fun. Phone Post 3.0

LordSeano - One of the cleverest has to be Hayseed Dixie who are a bluegrass AC/DC cover band Phone Post 3.0
They were AC\Dixie until that pesky cease and desist order. They're great.

Dread Zeplin was fun back in the day too Phone Post 3.0

Because they are musicians and want to have fun playing their instruments Phone Post 3.0

My fave has to be Pantallica and Chains lol Phone Post 3.0

The Misfats were awesome

Billy Bob Thorton was in Tres Hombres ( tribute band to ZZ Top).. they released GUNSLINGER in 1983.. under Lone Wolf productions ( ZZ tops managment company).



Opening for established acts such as Humble Pie, MC5, Hank Williams Jr., Ted Nugent, the Earl Scruggs Review, Black Oak Arkansas, and Richie Havens, and headlined in legendary venues such as the Electric Company in Denison, TX, and Rocker's, Fitzgerald’s, and Rockefeller's in Houston

Friends with the guitarist in Iron Maidens, they have permission and get flown all over the planet to play. Steel Panther started as a Van Halen cover called the Atomic Punks and were a better live show than VH.
Panteradactyls are rad...Pantera in dinosaur outfits.. Go see. Phone Post 3.0