I don''t like mandatory pagination

One great advantage that I always thought this forum had was the fact that even long discussions would not get cut into pages. Pagination breaks the flow of discussion. I like to scroll up and down to read things before responding. I've seen other forums with pages and I don't think it works as well as things here did.

If this is an absolute requirement due to bandwidth needs then ok. Otherwise, I don't think it is a good thing to do.

Maybe this is related to "V=vthS±ch ±v=V"'s name problems (LOL), but my single quote in this thread's title was changed to a double quote.

there's supposed to be some way to change it so it doesn't break into pages, but I haven't figured it out yet

there's supposed to be some way to change it so it doesn't break into pages, but I haven't figured it out yetGreat!Do you (or does anyone) know where to go to get a summary of the changes and new features?I asked about it on the beta site, but they seem to have taken that down after the switchover.


this is just weirdWhat's weird, hubris?

no, I don't know. I imagine there's a thread about it somewhere

YES! 1 page would be great....

*please & thank you*


What momita said. "Please & thank you".

choosey moms choose jiff
moms like kix for what kix has not
and mom(ita) knows best.

Yeah. And bring back the Thread Pilot.

1. 50% are on dial up stillWhich makes it a fantastic optional feature.(Hard to imagine still being on dialup, but there you go.)2. when threads get monster it costs us HUUUGGE amounts of bandwidth.Yeah, that's always the problem, isn't it?Personally, I'd like to see 100 as the max. Most of my threads are below 100, and the few that are above 100 are the novelty and/or flame threads (pooper/Sam Pai Tyson/LT/Sifu Ross) which really could be paged with no problem.

Btw, gabe, I'm still getting that coldfusion error whenever I post.

Btw, does this thread really only have 19 views?

NWS is correct.

pages suck!

Great, thanks gabe.

It's looking good so far. I'm sure this is the result of a lot of hard work. I appreciate it.

I like it much better this way.

gabe, I'd like the option of setting my account to have no pages, if at all possible

I agree. One page per thread = cool.

Guess I have to stop being lazy and change the option..