I don't like Reggae!


I love it!


Please, blue:


posting blind

Better Snow song


Pass. Phone Post 3.0

Reggae? Yeah, I have heard that song before.
My buddy's dad use to tell us that Phone Post 3.0

aw dang... this didn't work out like I planned

One cool thing about the Jamaican music scene is that they still press 45s to distribute their music.
All of the records that don't get handed out or sold go back to the company and they're melted down and made into new records. Phone Post 3.0

They lost me with dancehall. They won me back with daggering.

My favorite era is the late 90s, dancehall.









In college I worked at the radio station and had a reggae show, so I had all the hook ups. Anyone from SF remember Maritime Hall? They had great shows like 2x a month. I'm blessed to be in Ca, so I've had the opportunity to get press passes to the big festivals. My favorite memory was watching Gentleman warm up with the backing band prior to his US debut at SNWMF. It was him and his small crew, my wife and I, and a few other lucky folks.



Another night, we were camping at the fest grounds and were about 20 feet from a barn where bands were able to practice. This particular year the Abyssinians were getting back together, and in typical Reggae fashion, they like to work late at night, so  all night long I heard that horn section doing satta massagana.


Que the Steven Seagal youtube song please lol Phone Post 3.0

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I have over 10GB of reggae in my iTunes library. Come at me bro.

True a bad Mon a giv it to dem anywhere Phone Post 3.0

If you really love reggae, this should be your next purchase. It will change your perspective on shit. http://www.amazon.com/Tougher-Than-Tough-Story-Jamaican/dp/B000003QLC

And then probably this one. http://www.amazon.com/Dubplate-Download-Best-Greensleeves-Records/dp/B00006AKQB

This is also an amazing movie. I have the collectors edition you have to order off the website. http://www.amazon.com/Upsetter-Life-Music-Scratch-Perry/dp/B0062AJOJU

The only good thing about Reggae is when the guys climb on top of speakers and do splashes and elbow drops on the chicks. And I'm not sure if that's even reggae they are playing in those videos


not looking for thread magic... looking for old school OG runners