I don't like the new guy at work

This new guy started at work a few days ago. Let me tell ya, the guy smells like he shit his pants on top of not bathing for about a year. He's morbidly obese and likes to touch people with his Little Debbie stained sausage fingers. Gross. He stinks up the bathroom, the break room, and anywhere else he goes. He even likes to crop-dust people when he walks past their desk. 

I was talking to a gal in the office, and she doesn't like him either. Says he stares at her all the time. We all just wish the guy he's replacing would stay and he would just go back to whatever sewer he crawled out from. 


Nah I give it a solid 5

Well fuck you too ya prick. I'll be reporting this to HR Kevin

Here's his picture:

This is pretjAh level garbage here.

Fuck me. Is this the level of spins this forum has resorted to? 


Fuck this place and fuck you op.


Cruel... So cruel

I work with this guy too.