I dont mean to brag I dont mean to boast

the ole shooter likes hot butter on his breakfast toast!

Rock it up, baby bubba!

Well I'm imp the dimp, the ladies' pimp, the women fight for my delight. Phone Post 3.0

The boogity beat Phone Post 3.0

You're the type of guy, who gets suspicious.

I'm the type of guy that says pudding is delicious. Phone Post 3.0

well my name is wonder mike and I'd like to say hello!

to the black the white the red and the brown

the purple and yellow

Hip hop a hibbit do hibbit to the hip hip hop ah ya don't stop a rockin' to the bang bang boogie said up jump the boogy to rhythm of the boogity beat Phone Post 3.0

My name is Mike
brother of Joe

I got me some Crack
But I want me some hoes. Phone Post 3.0

My name is coffin Joe and I'm here to torture you with a heated hanger up your rectum. Phone Post 3.0

Taco wishes bishes were like bells in a tower...And I was the Hunchback I'd bang every hour.

Swiggity swooty I'm coming for that booty! Phone Post 3.0

don't get all pissed cause I ain't tryin ta troll

but when yer girl's around me guard her booty-hole.

a bang bang up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie the beat

Good thread Phone Post 3.0

a skiddleebebop we rock scooby doo
and guess what america we love you

I thought this was going to be about The Karate Rap.

TexDeuce - Good thread Phone Post 3.0