I don't meet basic quals for Capitol Police

I've been a Federal Agent for 7 years now. I've been a K9 handler for 5 years and a K9 instructor for a year. I've never been disciplined for anything at work. I've never been arrested for anything in my life. Not even a speeding ticket. So why? Well, one issue seems to be my honesty.

So as a lesson, watch what you do in your youth because it can, and possibly will, effect you later in life.

I always thought one-time experimental use was waivable and they only cared if you were honest about it.

Have you looked at U.S. Park Police? You work in basically the same area as U.S. Capitol Police (D.C. area), but just a different jurisdiction.

Sorry to hear that bro. Its the reason I didn't apply for the DEA. I made it as a Municipal LEO but going the DEA route wouldn't have worked out for me according to a friend who works there.

Do you not like your job anymore? Would Capitol Police be a raise in pay?

I LOVE my job. I work with dogs everyday. I have a great schedule. I make great money. I leave it all work too.

I am unhappy with the area in which I live and I'm looking to get back to NY or the DC area. The kids start school next year and I don't want them doing it here. I've applied to positions that would mean a huge cut in pay so I could simply be next to family.

Border Agent right...

Transfer to Washington State...Blaine/Bellingham area...it's really nice.

 If you had a crack habit maybe you could be Mayor of DC?

US Marshals have dogs now.