I don't think Floyd can handle Pacquiao's left.

If Paul Williams gets past Kelly Pavlik I'd like to see him call out Mayweather.

With Cotto, Pacquiao, Shane Mosley, and Williams out there PBF has a lot of quality opposition to choose from.


jaseprobst - Can you imagine any other welterweight greats refusing to acknowledge and fight guys like Margarito and Williams?

That's PBF for you.

That's precisely why I was so angry when I heard that Floyd went up to Ray Leonard talking shit a couple of years ago.

Floyd took on Carlos Baldomir for his WW title, winning by UD. Baldomir was a tough guy but he was a beneficiary of the proliferation of alphabet titles. Aside from Diego Corrales, has he ever beaten the top man in any division he's fought in? And how many years ago was that? Since then, when has he even faced the top guy in his division? Not someone like Hatton or Marquez, moving up but in his own division?

Ray, on the other hand, KO'd Hall of Famer Wilfred Benitez to win his title. Benitez was 38-0-1 when Ray fought him. He then went on to face Duran ( 71-1-0 ) twice, moved up to KO Jr. Middleweight Champ Ayub Kalule (36-0-0) back down to come from behind to KO Tommy Hearns ( 32-0-0 ) and eventually came out of retirement and took on Undisputed Champ Marvin Hagler ( 62-2-2 and unbeaten in years) at Middleweight.

Floyd is an extremely talented guy but until he proves himself against the best in his division, he doesn't deserve to be mentioned as an "All Time Great".

Thanks, Chadk. Exactly.

I saw Floyd on the Tavis Smiley show and he said "I'm the greatest.....fighter...ever." And I was like "Dude, you just beat Carlos Baldomir...simmer down."

IrishFighter110 - Paul Williams is the only guy that can beat Mayweather.


i do hope Pac decapitates him when they do fight.

I don't know if I see anyone beating Mayweather but I actually think I'd give Mosley or Cotto a better chance than Pacquiao. Williams would certainly be interesting.

I'd actually love to see any of those fights.

This has turned into a great time for the welter division.