I don't understand SGBI Forum

Why is there a separate SBGI Forum? Don't those guys have each other cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses? How did a school/organization get its own forum? The questions keep piling up.

It's because this forum was becoming the de facto SBG forum, and non-SBG JKD guys were feeling squeezed out.

Because before they had thier own forum thier was allot of complaining posts, simular to your's, that they dominatewd the forum.

Have you checked the number of school/orgs that have forums on the expert side that never have anyone post anything usefull. At least the SBGi guys (in addition to marketing and inside jokes) will answer any training question they can.



That is all.

Fats, would you feel better if you had a "fatbuddha" forum?

Before they separated, I would come to the JKD forum only to read the SBG related posts. Actually, that's all I'm doing now.


You have your own forum with a blue name.

Because of the number of complaints on the forum. That is all. For a
time, no matter what anyone posted from the SBGi or was mentioned
about the SBGi or used any "verbage" from the SBGi....many felt it was
all about the SBGi.

So....it was determined that to ease these perceptions...we would
accomodate them to some degree.

Nonsense? Yeah maybe. Its just a forum anyway. But....I for one was
really tired of dealing with certain posts and threads.

Its easier now as you can change the channel if you like. ;)

I vist both as other forums as well.


goddammit now I have to check both forums just like having 2-3 e-mail accounts I hate that. I say screw those pussies that are complaining about SBGI "taking over the forum", maybe they should post more! I too wish that certain individuals should post more and not only to make product/seminar announcements but its A LOT better than not posting at all.

4 Ranges: hmmm, Fatbuddha ground...I like that. Everyone would be banned though so it would end up me just talking to myself (which apparently is how I spend most of my time on the JKD forum these days)