I dont understand TJ Grant..

Post concussion Syndrome is the definitely one of the worst things an athlete can go through. Only those who have dealt with it know truly how #$*&*( terrible it is.

Imagine the ABSOLUTE WORST hangover you've ever had. Normally you know that if you rest the hangover will pass in a day or two.

Now imagine that the hangover lasts more than a year and you have no idea if it will ever go away.

When it finally goes away (if it ever does), would the athlete go back into the cage to fight or play a contact sport knowing that his next concussion will most likely make those same debilitating symptoms return for 3 years, 5 years or maybe even the rest of his life?

I can't speak for TJ but having lived through the above, I chose not quit fighting weeks before my 2nd fight in the UFC (vs. Chris Lytle).

My symptoms have cleared (took several years) and I'm able to run my business, be a good father and husband, can exercise full out and thankfully can roll BJJ 2x per day and still train striking (no sparring). Fighting is sooo much fun and I miss doing it more than you can imagine but we fighters have plenty of life to live after fighting and it's important to feel good while living it.

Met TJ at UFC Halifax. Really cool cat. My instructor used to be his training partner. :)