I dry aged ribeyes for 35 days

Gross as fuck. Flowers belong in the garden, not in my damn food.

do you season food at all?

Fuck the grass clippings debate, post pics now FAGGOT

I hear people call it a “complex” flavor sometimes. What the hell is a complex flavor?

Bro, are you seriously searing that steak with a torch? A butane torch?


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It’s further down the road from simple flavors.

It has a stronger beef flavor and can be a little funky to some people. Not gamey but different from normal beef.

Don’t judge me too harshly. I’ll break out the charcoal soon

All that time spent on aging then water spa cooking to resort to needing a flame thrower to get color. Ouch.

It’s what a grill does.

Nothing beats a grill or cast iron for cooking steak, but sous vide and a torch are nice in cold months or if you’re cooking several dishes. Also nice for really thick cuts.