I dun goofed - wiper fluid in coolant reservoir...

Go to CDN tire, buy a Haynes manual for your Jeep for $25. While there buy a new thermostat from the parts counter and some coolant. Premixed will save you time but the concentrate goes further price wise. The Haynes manual will spell it all out with pictures so you don't get an airlock. If it were me living where you do I'd try to get it fixed before October.

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Just drain it and make sure the flux capicator is in tact.


Wait 24 hours.


Hook a garden hose up to the exhaust, put the other end into the window, and put in a Maroon 5 CD.

That was funny! Laugh out loud funny.

I thought it was funny enough to laugh my ass off. Phone Post 3.0
Any joke that has "flux capacitor" in it I laugh regardless. Phone Post 3.0

Vote ups to everyone for the many helpful and reassuring replies, I appreciate it. I'll be tackling this task today or tomorrow!