I enjoyed the Pride GP Show!

After watching Pride for the first time then coming here to read all the negative comments about the show, I just have to say that I thought it was a good show overall and I was not disappointed.

Its obvious to me and especially to my fight friends that these guys are all of high skill level and I can appreciate that. Its like in Boxing not all matches will end up being barnburners. Its different watching an event thats in Japan, the atmosphere is definitely different I wish I could be there live.

I'm really looking forward to the next round especially to see Shogun fight again, the guy is non-stop action.

  • JSova

ttt for a positive post on the ug.

Just to add, although some of the matches were not back and forth wars, the matchups and different characters made the fight interesting for me.

My buddies would be saying, oh this guy's an excellent wrestler or this guy is a judo champion and it certainly made things more interesting.

I agree.

Not every fight is going to end in a highlight-reel KO.

Well worth the money.

I was glad I spent the money on the PPV.

True,it wasn't the best one I ever bought,but then again the UFC with Randy/Vitor II,Penn/Hughes(mostly dissapointment),and the naming of celebrities in the audience during that one made me feel gipped for paying for that one.

I still bought it and continue to buy ALL the UFC/PRIDE/BUSHIDO PPV's no matter how they end.

I am not a fighter,just a fan.But I will still support the sport.

TUFGuy1----- Stay with this a little longer please.
Possibly some people were looking into the Pride Tourny as an extension of last weeks UFC(with the explosive and high caliber matches they presented).It doesn't always carry that way.

The eight fighters left do present good possible matchups all the way around.

I still pick Igor all the way.

As long as Silva can't grab the ropes,he won't be able to hold and stomp,and should lose.

Trash me and Thrash me and Bash me all you want for that last statement,but everyone of you know that Wandy holds the ropes more than a champion should,and it works to his advantage.

More power to him of course... to utilize the rules to your advantage to get a win and all that...