I feel a bit bad for Conor

As much as I've hated Conor's antics I have to admit seeing Conor on the Octagon nearly in tears made me feel a bit bad for him.

He's in for a big backlash now, it's deserved, but it will be hard.

This is the problem with this kind of shit-talking. Once you get beat you will get it back tenfold. Phone Post 3.0

Nah, he will wipe his tears with the 16 mill he just made. Phone Post 3.0

He lost a fan here with that cheap shot at the presser...happy to see him lose Phone Post 3.0


got what he deserved

Somewhere in Brazil Aldo is laughing Phone Post 3.0

Don't feel too bad.

I don't .... 


He'll get over when the mail comes.\


Nate deserved that shit

Shiego Manchez - Nah, he will wipe his tears with the 16 mill he just made. Phone Post 3.0
Lol. No way he made 16 million. GTFO of here with that shit. Phone Post 3.0

Good, fuck em. Diaz taunting him after the 1-2 and turning Conor into a wrestler was awesome to see

Backlash won't be that bad, he took it well and will come back strong. Phone Post 3.0

I said this before. You can't talk all of that shit and lose. It works when you win but when you lose, you look like a fool.

Eh, you make your own bed when you talk that sort of game.

Comes with the territory.

He fought really careless tonight. Still a fan. Phone Post 3.0

It's a long flight back to Ireland while choking on a pool noodle. Phone Post 3.0

He won't get near the "backlash" Ronda got, and he will handle it better too. Already better post-fight so, that money trail not over for him at all. Diaz bros have lost many fights and are still main draws.

I don't Phone Post 3.0

Since coming to the UFC, I'd say $16 is a fair guess. Phone Post 3.0

I certainly don't feel bad for him as much as I love Connor. Acting the way he does is a huge gamble. If it pays off its great for him. If he loses its incredibly embarrassing and can ruin you. Like Rousey.

But the dude took it like an absolute champ. Gave Nate the credit he deserves and took the loss like a man. I respect that. Phone Post 3.0

Don't feel bad, he needed this. He was completely out of reality, and it probably would have hurt him down the road.

Why should you? He went up in weight, made a shit ton of money, lost gracefully and humbly, and he'll learn from his mistakes as a fighter and grow and probably be better than he was. Phone Post 3.0