i feel ill

i feel ill after watching rich franklin and matt hughes act. don't get me wrong, it's awesome that they're stars and they're making commmercials. but i don't think i was ready to see matt come out of a limo waving to fans, nor was i ready to see rich 'teach' a bunch of 20-year old high schoolers about xyience.

If you take Xyience, you too could be on the red carpet waving to fans or have luscious high school girls wanting your body.


"Mr. Franklin, do you take Xyience?"

Ain't you seen the show, biyotch? I'm guzzling that shit like it's the antidote every 10 minutes.

i'm tempted to cruise the local high schools and flaunt my xyience. i don't think my wife would approve, though.

And she'd be right.

Xyience should always be used for good. Never for evil.

Matt looks like he's a great cook, though. Did you check that spread he whipped up for himself?

That's just a normal country breakfast.

I eat like that every morning...and when I can't, now I know to just grab a Xyience meal replacement bar.


I'm going to include xyience into my lesson plans.

i didn't have problems seeing rich teach - because i didn't see him teach. i saw him 'act'. now i know i must brace myself for matt hughes and rich franklin's speaking roles in 'scary movie 6'.

mmm ... big country breakfast! ! !

smi7h .... DITTO, bro, DITTO! ! !

She was like 28, waaaay too old for Humbert Humbert.

Or they could have just been trying to add a little humor to a "barbaric sport". Settle down kids. It's just tv.

The new commercials try to have them act The ones of Chuck and Forrest are just talk about being 'extreme'. I don't know which are worse, but I prefer the ring girl exercising.

But, I will say I am going to try the breakfast bar because Rich said they tasted good and he is the man.

i predict droves of farmers are gonna rush out to gnc to pick up some
xyience to go past the edge.

on a related note... why hasn't xyience hired someone to appeal to
inner city people? instead of farming and changing tires we could have
muggings and graffiti.

siouxNYC take some excedrin and quit hating.

i ain't hating. i was just unprepared for those two UFC champs' dramatic efforts.

I have now added tossing bails of hay into my workout regiment.

don't be hating on siouxNYC.  that's my Peoplezzz