I feel like a poop bag...

Worst month of my life.

Getting pumped for the fights tonight around 7:45. I have my two girls jumping up and down running around because they're pumped to see mitrione fight (he has the same name as daddy).

My youngest is running around screaming and she trips and falls. She hits a glass TV stand with her face.

Blood pouring and screaming and now I'm in the hospital freaking out. I don't have friends and the holidays suck, so thanks for being my place to talk. Phone Post 3.0

That sucks. Hope she's ok! Phone Post 3.0

I hope she feels better soon. Hopefully, this will be one if those funny stories you tell on her wedding day. It will all turn out ok Phone Post 3.0

sorry to hear that mitrione

Fuck man, that's terrible. Hope your little one is ok. Phone Post 3.0

That sucks man, hope shes going to be fine... And hey, as long as your feet hit the ground in the morning? Be happy for that.

You're alive and will turn it all around.. be patient.

spliff - sorry to hear that mitrione
Thank you for the laugh :-) Phone Post 3.0

Thanks Mittrone Phone Post 3.0

Thoughts with her mate, maybe she'll wear the battle scars with pride when she's the one you're cheering on! Phone Post 3.0

Hope ur girl is ok man :( Phone Post 3.0

Hope she's OK man! Hang in there. Phone Post 3.0

Damn that sucks, dude.  Got a little daughter myself, and it's heartbreaking when they get hurt.  Hope she feels better soon!

Cecil Peoples scored the fight 30-27 to your youngest. TV will want a rematch by Spring.

I feel you, bro. It's usually just me and the girls and sometimes the girlfriend and her kid for the fights. It's a different fun. That's great that they enjoy watching with you! Phone Post 3.0

That sucks. Nothing worse than seeing your child get hurt. Hope she get fixed up and healed quickly Phone Post 3.0

As real as it gets Phone Post 3.0

Damn man. I hope she feels better.

Thats terrible man, hopefully just skin and not bone problem.

Rough man. Kids are tough though. Congratulate her on the good cut and for being tough!

You would have had a better time in life having fun with your friends instead of trying to be Mr. Mom.

Only thing worse than seeing your kid bleed is missing the fights. Phone Post 3.0