I feel like Dana would be roasted by fans if he did this in 2022

The President of the company thinking he’s a fighter.

Holy shit I just rewatched this. So god damn cringe.

Dana says at times “I don’t have it anymore. My cardio isn’t the same” and even talks about killer instinct gone lol.

I think the fans would be roasting the SHIT out of him if he tried this with a fighter in modern day culture.

I’m fairly confident Amanda Nunes would KO Dana.


If HE tried it? Is this the Dana/Tito boxing thing again?

Tito wanted this in his contract then pussed out


Tito was never going to do it from the beginning and Dana knew it. It was all PR to fulfill Dana’s ego.

Dana also says he busted up Tito’s ribs . lol


Dana can box Mr.


I was letting youtube play a bunch of best of TUF highlights. Dana used to call the guys retards and shit lol


Miss this old Egg, back in the days of banging Rachelle Leah and hating on Tito 24/7


Does he have anything on record to prove he actually boxed?

No,but I believe him.

Do you remember that thread where one of our members called Dana out on his boxing ability & Dana offered to fly him all over & prove to him? But the guy had to come back & tell the forum.I’ll think of his name in a second,but he dick tucked.


I do recall that. But I think Dana boxing credibility is iffy at best

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He use to pop up on the UG in the earlier years and I still think he lurks around. If I recall he called a bunch of us morons or something along the lines in some interview referencing the UG

I remember an interview where he was telling the interviewer how the media is terrified of the internet but he isn’t. He was basically talking about the UG and Sherdog since social media wasn’t a thing back then.

How dare you insult myspace like that!


That’s all you remember?

Dana at one time & for years had a great relationship with the UG.



I was on MySpace, even Friendster. But I don’t think UFC was ever on MySpace? First I remember UFC with social media (not forums or websites) was when Twitter came about like 2010 iirc

UFC used to give bonuses to fighters if you had over 1,000 followers.

Twitter and Facebook were both released to the public in 2006

Not that they were that big at first.

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I know but he stopped popping up over some trolls just running their mouth. Alot of fighters use to be on board often.

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Dana let Reggie come to his St.Patricks Day party in Massachusetts.

Paid for flight hotel ETC.

SQUATDOG was the guy that Dana invited.

Enjoy this thread you bastids.



I remember when all that was going on and thinking Tito is going to beat his ass…Have to respect Dana for wanting to step in and give it a try regardless of if he can fight or not…Dana is Dana