I feel sick

Does anyone want to honor the GOAT? Anybody as sad and depressed as I am. I wanted to think the Werdum fight was a fluke, and then he lost again. MMA won't be the same without the GOAT, just as the NBA isn't. Show some respect YOU MF's

"One life, roll the dice". Big fucking ups for Arlovski, he needs our support big time!

It was sad to see Arlovski get smashed like that again too I agree. Hate seeing that generation of fighters start to lose it/ exit the sport.

Aa has been a great servant to the sport, hated seeing him go out like that. Phone Post

 I hated to see Arlovski get KO'ed again...very sad night for both he and Fedor.

Fedor was the classiest top fighter I have ever seen. People are piling on not because of Fedor but because his fans have said he's indestructible and that turned out false. I think 99% of the people here love the fuck out of Fedor Emelianenko.