I feel sorry for Ken Flo )-:

He will get outclassed by the Pride champ and former GOAT


 Hope so, 155 could use some new blood

Doubt it

 i am rooting for gomi

but i fear florian will win

most pros on sherdog agree

smth416 - Doubt it


CrazyJoeDavola - 
smth416 - Doubt it




Kenny will probably win this one, but it is a shame because another fight between Penn and Gomi would be awesome to see.

Methinks someone hasnt seen Gomi's last few (years of) fights.

Gomi is going to turn into an instant superstar tonight and this will set up an awesome rematch with Penn. Big $$ for Dana!

can't wait to see the posts tomorrow as everyone will be riding on Gomi's bandwagon again.

Yer_Momma - 
CrazyJoeDavola - 
smth416 - Doubt it



hmmm, this one is such a cool match up.

I remember thinking Rampage might get killed by Chuck in their UFC rematch. He looked done to me in his previous few fights. Many thought there was no way he could derail the iceman.

Please Gomi, I hope you have the fire back! You can always turn things around!

Not Monty - Methinks someone hasnt seen Gomi's last few (years of) fights.

This x one million.
How have people forgotten his awful form of late?

Well there is a reason he's a big underdog. And yes he's looked like crap the last few years. But he's got the talent, looks to be motivated and dedicated, I will just assume he is going to be ready for this fight.

If he isn't, and gets creamed, then he probably won't be around long. But if he can beat Kenny he'll have a good spot to start from at 155 in the UFC. I think he's just needed the right motivation.

If I'm wrong oh well, lose a little money and get my name changed again. Rather go down rooting for the underdog vet.

Gomi by brutality


Gomi said in a interview that he doesn't really know about Kenny. Hope he was joking and studied his fights.

Florian by sub or dec.

How many times do I gotta say this. Gomi is washed up and lazy. I really hope he wins, but lets be honest here...He's being thrown to the wolves.

 Nothing against Florian, but I'd fucking love to see Gomi put an absolute beating on him.