I fired the cool guy and kept the horrible one...

Today. It sucked.

have a guy who works for me. He's the most annoying human on earth. He wants to be called Q ball. Some people call him that, I refuse. He's about 275 and 5 foot 2. He's the most unfunny person on Earth and will follow you around to tell you a story you don't want to hear. The rest of the crew hates him. He's a decent worker, never missed a day, and has been temping for about 4 months. 

I have another temp. He's been out of active duty military for one month and has been with me for about the same time. He's also a decent worker. Cool guy, he went to the bar for our coworkers retireMent a week ago and he was pretty alright. He's missed two days, not really acceptable for a temp, but it's really at my discretion. 

So, annual plan came out today. I have to fire one. I hate one, I don't mind the other. One has missed two days (but is much less annoying) and been employed three months less than the other (insanely annoying) who's never missed a day. 

Fired the new guy. Kept it honest, you're a temp and they said I have to get rid of one. You've been here a shorter time and have missed two days in a month. He understood. 

My whole crew is mad because Q ball is so annoying and I kept him. I feel good and bad about it.  Fuck I hate firing people. 

Define missing a day. He just didn't show up or he was sick?

I think you made a mistake.

Should have fired them both.

Whambo - Define missing a day. He just didn"t show up or he was sick?

Called in. 


Hired associates (big difference, it's hard to get on) get 3 total for a year.


he used 2 as a temp, who technically get whatever I say. I say they get three like everyone else in a calendar year. 2 in a month is no bueno. 

However, new guy learns quicker and fucks up less. He's also so much easier to be around. 

Sounds like Q Ball at least earns his scratch.

dipsheet - Sounds like Q Ball at least earns his scratch.

I remember being 3 hours late to a fast food job in high school and they were happy to see me hah. "We're just glad you showed up!" A lot of people can't even get the basics right so if you show up, have an OK attitude, and are presentable you have crossed the biggest hurdle.

A military guy would never call in sick...so soon into a job. You were right to fire him.

Clever spin thread!

Yeah, I have a gimmick I give all temps when they show up. 

I always say (it's true) 

"If you show up every single day for six months, keep it honest, own up to your mistakes, and work hard I'll do everything in my power to get you a job."

ive hired 17 people in five years. I've had 100ish temps. Most people are lazy.  

HexRei -

Clever spin thread!

Not a spin and not sure what you're referring to, unless it's really good, if so, then yes I agree I'm awesome. 

Are you actually a trashman?

Cool starry bra..?

invalid -

Are you actually a trashman?

Referring to my hygiene? Yes. 


My work, no. I work in manufacturing. I'm a process expert and manager. I build production robots and manage the production of automotive parts in a very odd (upper management and parent company is outside of US...cough...cough...Asian) cutthroat environment. 

However, regular production associates make very good money and have fantastic benefits. It's a highly sought after job. 

Should fire yourself imo. It's the only other option.

Stories like this always remind me of an econ prof in college who gave everyone at least 50% on a test if they just showed up. Because according to him 50% of life was showing up. It's amazing how simple and true that addage is.



I realized that's how life works. Your personality and how nice and pleasant you are does not matter. The only thing that matters is if you are productive and useful.

Nobody appreciates your personal qualities as highlighted by this thread. That's why you should not give a fuck about being nice to people or polite, etc... just do your job well and fuck everyone.

Well you left one important part out of the story, their actual job performance.

Sounds like you fucked up. 


The right decision is the one that would make you and your coworkers happy. Missed 2 days? I don't know what industry this is but that sounds like some bs. Unless he had a deadline he didn't meet or something, who cares? 

MrRichardWiggler -

Sounds like you fucked up. 


The right decision is the one that would make you and your coworkers happy. Missed 2 days? I don't know what industry this is but that sounds like some bs. Unless he had a deadline he didn't meet or something, who cares? 

He said it is manufacturing. You can't just let people call in twice in a month as a temp and get away with it. There are too many others looking for jobs that can keep better attendance.  Sounds like trash man was cool enough to give him a second chance after the first call in. 

I remember the first time I fired someone.

She was already working there when I bought the business.

She instantly started to cry.

She was so fucking hideous and ghetto. Every time she spoke, I learned a new curse word.

I didnt feel bad at all.

Couldnt wait to boot that disgusting trash.