I found my new amp!!!

sweet mother of god, I am in love with the El Diablo from Genz Benz!!!! I've been reading about them for a while, and my buddy who works at Guitar Center called me and said one came in. I went over at lunch, and will be abusing my neighbors with it.

I love everything about this amp. It nails the gap in sound between Marshall and Mesa if you let it do ITS thing. And of course you can tweak it to go for one of those sounds if you like. But it has a tone that I can't quite place my finger on to describe.

My buddy waited till I got there to fire it up. But when we did, even he notice how different it sounded. I love a heavy bottom end, and this thing does it deeper, and clearer than Mesa. Especially through a Marshall Classic 4x12. I've never heard a more punishing bottom end.

If you get the chance, fire one up. I'm sure that RX and a few others have already tried one of these things, so I'd be interested in what they thought. It is a borderline botique amp, but it doesn't carry that kind of price tag.

That sound wicked man, congrats! You gotta upload some samples to check out.


I'll do that. My friends band is cutting a new demo and it may get put on that.

For the first time, I can hear huge differences when playing with the EQ. Maybe I do not have the best ear, but just minor tweaks yielded huge results.

It is probably a good idea to also add that the thing has headroom for days on the clean side. Then it gets warm, then just downright nasty. The other nice thing is that it is 50/100 watts, which obviously some room to play around.

I'll see about getting something up soon.

That'll be great. I"m working on getting my amp recorded properly too.

It would be cool to hear some equiptment samples, everybody here has such varied gear.

I probably won't get to hear one until January at the Winter NAMM show unless my local Guitar Center gets one. I don't know any store locally that carries them. Congrats on finding an amp you can love. ;)

CK, are you going to be at Winter NAMM this year? Maybe we can meet at the show.

racer x - i'll be at the namm show too.

Yo man how can a guy score a ticket to the NAMM show!??!!