I found spjackson’s cemetery

Why does an Iran cemetery have (@spjackson77’s) penis-shaped tombstones?

When you hear about a cemetery, you probably imagine crowded headstones, but that’s not exactly what happens in this bizarre cemetery. There, in a mountainous area among lots of green hills, there are gravestones that look like male genitals.

The cemetery is located in the north of Iran, in a mountainous area near the border with Turkmenistan. It has hundreds of tombstones, the vast majority in the shape of the male genital organ.

Anthropologists who have tried to study the site believe that the cemetery may belong to a culture that engaged in Phallicism(worship of the male genital organ and the reproductive powers of nature) from Central Asia and India - although there is no supportive evidence.

According to local legend, these graves are of people who were cursed by the gods for their sins and belong to people who believed in fetishism hundreds of years ago.


Yeah he would love the old cockyard

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Finally a mod doing his job as a gatekeeper…

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LOL. Well, it would only be fitting, since those tombstones are an accurate representation of the size of my hog


Man sp is packing. Easy to be a little off when you lug that kind of weight in your chonies.

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You’re too serious Mr. Brojangles. Lighten up.

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His cemetery would be full of goatse monuments, spreading for all the cocks he’s received