I found the GUY- He's MMA Trained-

In all seriousness, I think this guy would have whipped some ass. I feel like he walked away so didn’t get arrested for whipping some kids ass. Either way, it’s fucking hilarious.


200 pounds of armoury!!!

True killer.


Guy got lucky. There was a lot of pent up rage inside the 200 lbs armory. But lol at “have you heard of Chuck Liddell”. I think it’s safe to say young buck hasn’t.

I never fuck around with someone that says, ‘Oh boy, howdy.’ They’ve got bodies for sure.

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You guys just can’t tell… cause he’s got baggy clothes on…

poor old bastard clearly has some problems, like how to dispose of his plethora of victims, for starters.

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If he would have threaten to shove a stick up there assess its The UG’s own @nek

“I’m that GUYYY pal, I’m That GUYYYY”