I freakin' love Miro's One Liner's

“There won’t be enough yogurt in the world to save you, if you come near me!”

(Paraphrasing) “It’s okay, that I’m fighting the man who’s not afraid to die. Because I’m the one man, who’s not afraid to kill him.”

Any others you can think of, put them here!

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You mean “yoga”?


Bahaha, makes it even more funny. Thanks for the correction


He’s a good promo imo, I like his style. It seems to not be for everyone, but I’m hoping that with his current direction, he’ll strike the right chords with the audience. He seems naturally laid back, but also clearly intelligent enough to cut good promos as long as he can effectively convey the necessary emotions at the necessary times, and imo he has all the ability to do so.

I wish he could get Lana with him. That would be Gold. Especially if she completely drops the Russian thing. Hopefully she waits her contract out

I like them but theyre all stolen from old martial arts movies and Streetfighter :joy:

Not just yoga, DDP Yoga!

He’s naturally a hysterical guy. Hope he stays over.

Miro and Lana on Jericho’s show from a long time ago is classic. I hope Penelope vs Lana becomes a thing.


hahahaha ok - that was funny. legit lol

I think they started the build last week. Miro saved Penelope from a beating while simultaneously menacing her and asking “Where’s Kip??” whom he is storyline responsible for injuring.

From his promo last night……