I get emotional when Big Nog fights...

It's crazy. I talk mma daily, been doing it for years, but this morning the moment I realized it was fight day, knots in my stomach.

I ride or die with Big Nog man. That's my guy. 

I cannot bare to watch him lose. I will be living the highest of highs, or lowest of lows, depending on the outcome of his fight.

War Big Nog, but God damn I'm nervous as fuck!

I'm the same with him, Fedor, and Wand. Phone Post 3.0

Totally agree. He's my GOAT and my hero. Phone Post 3.0

Feeling the same way about Erick Silva tonight. Phone Post

I am the same with Nog, Wand and Shogun Phone Post 3.0

BJ, Nog and Hendo for me.

Andy for me... but then again I hardly ever have to worry. Except Sonnen first fight.. FUCK THAT NOISE!

Same here and for Wandy too Phone Post

Wand big nog fedor shogun and Liddell Phone Post

Same here and I had to watch Mir break his arm live Phone Post 3.0

Me too.. tears of joy every time he loses.

Im that way with Cain...wish I coulda watched Cain vs Nog with you ;) Phone Post

Ill be slappin on one of me Big Nog shirts! Phone Post 3.0

I always look forward to seeing him fight

This thread is surprisingly frank and good natured. Cheers to all.

Ha, chuck for me..... Borderline man crush lol Phone Post 3.0

I get nervous for Condit, Hunt, and Cerrone the most. But I feel you on this. Phone Post 3.0

NOG and Hendo for me.

Kingfanpaul - I've always been a huge Faber fan being in Sacramento and all. I'm probably the most nervous when he fights. Phone Post
I only get nervous for Faber in title fights. He pretty much steamrolls everyone else. Phone Post 3.0

Ice Cold Igors Right Hand - I'm the same with him, Fedor, and Wand. Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0