I Got a Free Xbox Today

Helped my girlfriend's mother move today....clearing out some computer shit, and I find an Xbox on a shelf in the basement. I guess it was supposed to be a Christmas present for my g/f's little sisters like 2 years ago, but it got forgotten...so she gave it to me!!

So, I've got a free Xbox...what are some better games to get? Also, how difficult is it to mod an Xbox? http://www.xbox-scene.com has a 160 GB HD for $75, and X-Ecuter 2.3B PRO w/ LPT Adatper Fix for $49....what else would I need???

not sure about the 160 GB HD, must the chips only recognize drives up to 120 GB

I hate you for the burning feeling of envy in my gut right now.

How could you just forget about an X-Box?

Some people seem to be completely incapable of smelling an unused console, unlike you and I.
I know the stench of unplayed videogames drives me completely insane, but I've noticed that other people aren't bothered at all.
In fact, when I bring it up, they act like they can't imagine what I'm talking about. "What do mean there's an NES 'festering' somewhere in my house? What gave you that idea?"

Poor bastards.

You can have more than 120gb using LBA48, it's drive G.

Many people are forgetting about them.

I Hate you Biggie. But I call BS on this story... you said to me last week they had an xbox noone played anymore and you were gona offer to buy. I think you played the situation and were like, "Oh, since noone uses this, mind if I take it for helping you move."


Biggie, I'm with Lauzon on the "hating you" thing. First you get a GameCube and now this. Bastard.