I got a new Albino Burmese Python

Sorry no pictures, but I got a new cute ass albino burmese python and out all places the call Underground Reptiles!!!

Will try to get pics later.

Awesome! They are no doubt beautiful animals. Now..........I hope you have done your research. You will need to eventually have a six to eight foot cage and have a snake that eats rabbits and literally shits turds the size of humans. It will eventually get so big that you can no longer comfortably carry it yourself. And dont forget, as an adult they have the capability to kill a human.

Cool! I hope you have lots of experience keeping herps 'cause she is gonna be BIG!

What Keoni said =)

Great. Do not feed him live. Unless of course you want to worry about bringing live rabbits and pigs into your house someday. Get him on FT now.

Hehe.. Nice looking snakes but too big for this kid.Good Luck, and post some pics when you can

Best of luck, let us know if we can help. If not kingsnake.com will have folks who can.

My brothers friend bought a berm cause he thought is was cool. He's lucky. His brother in law is a pro basketball player who is into snakes. (Europe, Asia and CBA, had a cup of coffee with the Kings). His brother in law has the money, knowledge and space to take over care of the burm when it's not so "cool" for my brothers friend. Most folks don't have that.

I'm not being a dick just for the sake of being a dick. I'm being more like your dad when he's being dick. I'm pointing out that you've bitten off a lot and I truely hope you can chew it, many can't.

On the upside. You may have a male that will top out at "only" 11 feet. You or a friend or relative may be good at working with wood so you can have an 8x4 tank built for cheap and you may be gainfully employed to the extent that you have the space for the tank and plenty of cash to feed the guy. It's not all doom and gloom but it will affect your life to some extent.

Best of luck and don't be a stranger around here.

Thanks for all the good advise. I got a 8x6 tank/cage that I built with the help of a friend that does glass and plastic work. I also got a male konwing that he will be slightly smaller to a female. He is eating very well and I had no problems.

I just got a digi cam so I'll take some pics and post some time next week. I know the time and dedication that he will require so I'm ready to take on it. Actually I'm off to get some rat pups for him.


Sweeeeeet. Can't wait to see pics.