i got a ps3 in the mail

how much can i sell that shit for? i dont know much about video games, but my dad mailed me a ps3. i would like some drug money for the holidays how much are they going for?

mods plaese move this to geekground

Good luck even getting retail price for it.

seriously stan? why its never been opened arent they worth like $600?

There are a lot on ebay, and many are selling for less than retail. Most that have a starting bid of over $600 seem to be ending with zero bids.

alright i need seruous anwsers stan, please stop trolling

Stop trolling Steve, you know damn well that everybody wants one.

Ill buy it from you

start the bid off at $15

$16, and I'm definately not going anything higer.


ill give you 543,62 pesos for it


I will give you $250 for it