I Got a Rock

Still one of the funniest lines:


This scene has bugged me since I was a kid, as it's clear evidence of a neighborhood-wide conspiracy to keep Charlie Brown miserable. Even the adults are complicate; enough so to have matching rocks waiting buy the door. My theory is that it has something to do with his being the collective's scapegoat for the baseball team being so bad.
He was raised in a neighborhood filled with psychotics. Poor guy never stood a chance.
Rock on, Chuck...

Yeah he couldn't get a break. It is still funny. Before YouTube my buddy and I had a VHS tape of it. Back 22 years ago we used to drink beers sitting around and laughing at that part. We would play it over and over. Voted up!

I don't get it

That album makes for some great scratching samples for turntablism.


 photo linus-great-pumpkin_zpsdfb2ddcc.jpgSchulz was a genius.

Apparently in 1967 when it aired the producers got candy in the mail because of Charlie Brown getting rocks.

My costume two years ago at work was Charlie brown.

I had the yellow and black shirt on during the day (comfortable to work in) then for the contest I put on the ghost with too many holes and got my bag of rocks.

Stupid kids working here had no idea who I was.