I got banned!!??

ok so maybe my comments about a certain fighter being "paid to lose" were over the top...I apologize, but, in my defense, I didn't mean it the way it sounded. What I was trying to say was that certain fighters are put in a position where the match up obviously favors one of the fighters, and that the outcome is anticipated by all involved. That's not to say that I was right to post it the way I did, but just that my words may have been misconstrued. We've all seen these matches where it's obvious that the matchmaker has positioned one fighter to win. The fact gets reflected in the odds, and more often than not, in the fight itself. I'm tired of seeing highly skilled fighters in against lesser competition so that a promotion can "build up" their image and records-that's all I was complaining about, but if I did it in a way that pissed off the mods or Kirik I'm sorry.

For the record though, Evil Yoshida, you're still a douche.

According to the mod log, you got a 36-hour freeze.

yeah I guess that's about right-I feel like I was bad and had to stand in the corner