I got BJJ Privates for Christmas!!

Its Christmas morning and all through the house not a creature a stirring not even a mouse - then behold when I opened my gift my spouse got me some Private BJJ lessons w/Alan Goes!!! Damn I got a GREAT WIFE!

Congrats, I guess.

If my wife wrote me a Christmas card, telling me to enjoy Allan's privates, I'd be concerned.


That is a great gift. You have a fine wife.

Or if she wrote that SHE enjoys Allan's privates.

Yeah. I guess that would be worse. I can see it now:

Dear honey;

Allan's privates changed my world. I hope they mean as much to you as they've come to mean to me. Merry X-Mas

Awesome gift, I've always thought Goes was one of the bjj fighters who made groundwork look easy in MMA. His ground technique is so slick. Have fun!

"LoL was that your wife who was on here asking what to get her BJJ obsssessed boyfriend for christmas?"

If that was the case then I think that you just got her in big trouble.


Now, if my wife was talking about Erica Montoya's privates, it'd still be wrong. Very, very wrong. But, I'd feel a little better. I mean, I can see how Erica has something I don't.

TTT for love & marriage


I never get Bj's for Christmas!

I do.


Doesn't Santa's beard get in the way?

Actually my wife is a friend of Erin Toughill as well & yes I am a lucky dude!