I got loose knees pls help?????

I recently had my 5th knee surgery. I've had four on my right knee and this is the first on my left. My knees are loose but intact for the most part. I had the medial meniscus removed in my right knee and recently evaporated a large piece of cartlidge in my left.
I am sitting here getting fat thinking that I will likely have to quit training martial arts, cause I just can't miss anymore work.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help strengthen-tighten my knees so I can play a little longer.


 I've had three meniscus repairs on one knee and one on the other. I've got some ligament issues, too. If anything, BJJ has helped.

I don't have anything specific to tell you, but where there's a will there's a way.

Barring physical limitations, deep full range squatting, with perfect steady form is probably the best exercise you can do for knee joint stability. Look up some Dan John videos for squatting technique help if you dont know how to do them. Use a steady, paused tempo and feel the tension in your VMO and glutes.

I'm a big fan of deep squats. When I had a acl reconstruction years ago my Dr. told me to do deep controlled squats instead of partials.

Thanks for the input

I've got "loose knees" as well. I've just adapted my game and refrain from certain movements and positions that put my knees in jeopardy. I've also invested in quality knee braces.