I got my black belt from Renzo!!!!

After 11 years of trainning jiujitsu, yesterday I was honered to recive my black belt from Renzo, for me this is one if not the biggest achivment in my life and I am very happy and wanted to share this with you guys.
Thanks to all the people that helped me out with my jiujitsu like Renzo, Gordo, Shwan Williams, Danny Ives (He helped me a lot), Carlos Lemos, etc....
ALso thanks brian cimmins, kirk, and Kipp kollar that have been always very nice to me.
If anybody stops by in Mexico City you are very welcome to visit our academy.Viva el jiujitsu!

Congratulations.....good job on the hard work and training!


11years of hard work




congrats buddy

GB 72!

Right on, man! Congratulations!

Congrats again!


Well Done!

Huge achievement!

Thank you very much guys!

a black from Renzo is about as good as it gets.


how old were you when you started? Congrats!


Nice man, dedication at its finest!

Well deserved Mario, congrats!!

I have only heard positive things about you here in mex.




Very impressive man. Congrats!

Congratulations, man! Huge accomplishment!!

..."a black from Renzo is about as good as it gets. "

A-Fucking-Men. I love my teachers, but getting a black belt from Renzo would rock the fucking world.

Congratulations! And for you...