I got my butt kicked...

Yesterday was a day to remember!

Yesterday, after I arrived back in the States from Trondheim, Norway, I
drove up to my BJJ instructor's school in Costa Mesa, California and had
a private lesson with him. After the instructional and testing portions
of my lesson, Professor Moreira and I rolled. Well, I don't know how to
say this except to say it like it's in my mind: Professor Moreira kindly
demonstrated why he is a seventh degree black belt and I am soon to
be third degree black belt. Here's a brief recap of what happened:

First, Professor Moreira asked me to pass his guard. Not only did I NOT
pass his guard, but I never even came close! AND, not only did I not
come close, but he kept sweeping me (over and over and over again).
No matter how many times I dug my shoulders into his thighs or
dropped my hips down on his knees, I kept getting swept left and
right. Now, that may not sound like much to some of you, but to those
who know my game and have felt the pressure I exert while passing
the guard.......well, you can only imagine my utter disbelief (coupled
with a Cheshire cat grin) each time I flew through the air ! )

Next, Professor Moreira told me to lay on my back and he was going to
try and pass my guard. I remember thinking to myself, "Aw yeah baby!
Now you're gonna feel the power of the Boa." Pfffff, that lasted all of
three seconds. What happened next was unreal: He passed my guard
like I was a paraplegic! He did it once, twice, three times and more. I
remember thinking, "THAT'S NOT RIGHT!" Professor Moreira and I were
smiling and chuckling the whole time!

Next, Professor Moreira told me what I needed to work on and how I
should go about training. Then, we went through the same two drills
again. I tried and tried to pass his guard and I tried to stop him from
passing my guard. I got a little closer to passing this time, but not by
much. And of course, Professor Moreira passed my guard, AT WILL,
with fluidity and finesse.

At the end of my lesson, Professor Moreira and I talked about my game
and what needed to be improved. He congratulated me on my
promotion, we set up another date for a private and then we parted

On my drive back to San Diego, so many thought kept going through
my mind. The main thought that kept repeating itself over and over in
my mind was this: "Even though I got my butt handed to me today, I
HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! Man, I haven't been handled like that in years! It
feels great to feel like a kid again!"

Professor Moreira will be having a promotion ceremony this Sunday,
November 14, 2004, at 3:00 p.m., at the following location:

South Coast Martial Arts-Boxing
3165 Harbor Blvd., Ste E
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 545-5759

It would great if some of you could attend the promotion ceremony.
Professor Moreira will be awarding me with my third degree black belt
in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He will also be promoting several other students
during this time. Afterward, there will be a big Brazilian BBQ. I hope
many of you can make it.

Good training to all of you,

Roy Harris

Mr Harris

Well, let me be the first on the forum to say congratulations on your promotion and I can't wait until the instructors conference next year. Talk to you later.

Robert Voss Jr


Man are you that crap Roy? j/k :)

I didn't know at that level that there would still be that kind of
domination from what you've just described.

But anyway congrats!

well done Mr Harris...

gakami, i don't know, but i would bet he is being modest and humble as usual...peace to all...MSF

Oh by the way Roy, remember I told you I was starting a Judo and
BJJ club at my university a few months ago? Well I finally got it
going (albeit not under the best conditions and with sub-standard
mats). Believe it or not it's taken 5 months of continual work to
get through the bureacracy and politics at the university sports,
hopefully this club can survive the mess at uni sports.

"gakami, i don't know, but i would bet he is being modest and
humble as usual...peace to all...MSF "

Come to think of it, you're probably right!


Congratulations brother! I can think of nobody more deserving!




Great job Roy, I know you deserve it.:-)

Take care

awsome!! Congrats Mr. Harris.

Amazing! Congratulations, Roy Harris!! You deserve it after all that hard work, man. And keep these stories coming because I'm absolutely loving reading them. It's so cool to read about a black belt getting manhandled by a more experienced black belt.

I'd like to use this opportunity to say thank you so much for all the help you've given me and the other members of this forum. The information has been priceless. Here's to another (a whole lot of) years of Jiu Jitsu!

And ttt for Joe Moreira!

Yeah thanks for taking time out to answer questions here Roy.

Big congrats Roy on the promotion! Wish I could be there for the ceremony.

- Kyle

Congrats, you definitely deserve it!

Congratulations Roy and thanks for your stories and instruction.

This thread just shows that there's no room for complacency when it comes to improving. I mean I've already felt the unbelievable pressure that Mr. Harris could generate from the top position and I can testify to the tightness of his ground game.

CONGRATS!!! This is awesome!

Congrats Roy from all your students in Poland. Samurai

hopefully Roy will post pics of the ceremony!

He was looking pretty sharp yesterday,the biggest smile Ive ever seen form a guy in his late 20's,now to get him in the water and see him surf.