I got my Pink Belt today

YEP!! You heard it here first!! I got my pink belt in Smashing today!! I even was promoted to 2nd degree!! Thats's right , Marco said that with this new Pink Belt , I can go train Judo or Jiu Jits , and if I want, this belt will hold up my purple raver pants!! Since I am fighting next week, I would say that the person I gonna fight is in for a world of pain. Im gonna gouge out his eyes and fuckstart his face!!!


Pink belt is always the funnest belt!!!

im fighting in TJ at combat Ultimate. I lost my first opponent so they have a few others they are trying to line up.

apple, did i see you mobbing with a ton of hotties on 54321 the other day?

yes, that was me. hehe

ttt for other pink belts

ill fight erik apple... i heard hes soft, and has messed up little ears and likes to brag about waking up next to playboy playmates and super models


OK, I'm confused??? I looked at google for pink belts......

Laboratory for Leisure, Tourism & Sport

... Jacks, M. (1990). There are no pink belts: sex discrimination in the martial
arts. Karate/kung fu illustrated, 21, 6, 30-33. Jacobs, Glen. (1970). ...
www.sp.uconn.edu/~yian/frl/06marts.htm - 23k -
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Miramar Martial Arts Academy - Class Schedule

Class Schedule. Classes with a pink background are fitness classes. All others
are Soo Bahk Do classes. ... 5:00-5:45. Jr. Red Belt. 4:50-5:30. Jr. Green Belt. *. ...
thaikarate.com/schedule.htm - 37k -
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then I found this.............


Walking into a contest area today, I sometimes get dizzy trying to adjust my eyes to all the different color belts. I see;  white, yellow-tipped, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, pink, turquoise, multi-stripped, black and grizzly-gray!


I thought he was BS'ing us..... sheesh..........

yeah momita

wow, a person really can learn something every day...........

Congrats ocbadapple.....

*thoughts of a candy apple pop into head*

i have a pink gi that says real men wear pink on the back..