i got somethin to say about the ug n mma

I have lurked for years and have seen and read some interesting post! I think the ug has the most knowledgable mma fans above all the other forums i have lurked. i have been a fan and watched since the beginning! I am not a expert but a humble fan of the sport overall and support all of it in all orgs except for the shitty scumbags that screw over fighters who put there careers on the line like hermes franca a paul buentello they are sad stories to hear:( but hi to all and hope to make a good fit to ug as a 10er (lol signed up just in time not to be a 11er ha ha )

/facepalm Phone Post

lol 4/10

11'ers have time to turn things around...


seriously this forum takes up all my free time i be reading some of peoples op's and be bagging the fuck up but dont like the fighter bashing at all that bs needs to stop cause if it did alot more fighters would be more enticed to post if it was just constructive critism. but all the negativity and relentless and insulting post will detore them away from here