I got stuck in a double armbar

I've only been doing BJJ for less than a month but I got stuck in a double armbar during sparring while I was in his guard. It was both painful and embarrasing. How do I stop it from happening again!

If you are getting double armbateed you are probably extending your arms too much ( they should not be near his head ).

They were more near his stomach actually.

You probably can't stop it from happening EVER again. You've been training for such a short time! Kashk is correct, by the way. And you should learn guard passes. That's one of the things that's VERY important to get good at as soon as possible. Escaping from the guard is probably the hardest position to escape from besides the side mount. But it depends on your opponent, of course.

What most likely happened is that your opponent climbed his legs
up your back without you noticing or paying too much attention
to it. You likely extended your arms and he threw his legs over
your both of your shoulders. At that point he had his pick of
which arm he wanted to attack and he decided to be fancy and
nailed you on both.

If it makes you feel any better, I've both caught people like this
and been caught myself.

Learning how to properly pass guard is the antidote. Practice the
basic guard pass which has surely been taught to you, and pay
very careful attention to your posture. Part of paying attention to
your posture is minding what your opponent is doing from the
guard, because they are certainly going to use thier legs to break
you down.

No matter what the question, is, the answers are always:

Posture or Awareness (Beginners)

Timing (Intermediates)

Details (Advanced).

Has anyone ever noticed that? Hmmmm......


At least it wasn't a triple armbar...now that would suck!

keep youe elbows tucked in. and stay close to your opponetnt at an angle.

It's a pretty easy escape once you're in it. Just wiggle your shoulders forward, first one, then the other. People try to bull both their shoulders forward and that doesn't work.

Be mindfull of hip control(his)when in his guard. Always use your position to keep his hips from having room to move.

Wear clean jocks, eat your greens and wash behind your ears.

I was caught by the same thing earlier this week - getting caught in a weird position etc isn't a problem, it's all part of the learning experience. Enjoy it, study it and see if you can return the favour sometime.

Whatever you do....don't feed them after midnight!

no wait...thats advice for a different thread!