I gotta' bounce tomorrow....so sad

Ain't that a bitch? I have to work tomorrow. Man, I really wanted to watch this UFC. Oh well, I need the loot. Guess I'll be calling my buddy to see who won.

Feel sorry for the working blokes that babysit the drunk people.

I feel ya dog, I'll be working as well, won't be on this site till next Friday night so I can watch the fights with some beers.

bouncin aint ez


Bullshit...I want to see this UFC badly. I want Hughes to absolutly kill BJ. Please let Matt win!

nick where are you workin now?
i gotta fuckin work too

i havent seena live UFC in ages.
last one i saw only cuz i was up nin Boston

Join the club, but I can't justify giving up a 100 bucks for paying 40.

I have to wait until sunday night for it to be shown on bravo -_- so i never see it live but it is free so good deal i guess.
So i wont be coming here again until monday as i dont want ANY spoilers.
I really hope matt wins!