I gotta get a landline

So these days I am working remotely. I do week long shifts on call 24/7.
Living in the woods is awesome until the microwave beam that makes my internet happen quits on a fella. Normally would take people not being able to bother me as a plus, but currently I am being paid to be bothered (aren’t we all?). More specifically, I need to be botherable. At all times.
So… I’m sitting in my truck about 3 miles from my house in the first spot where the 4G gods reliably congregate.

I’ll be here all night, entertain me.

I’ve been contemplating moving back to the sticks but can’t be without fast reliable internet. Elon’s Starlink is available here in the Midwest, but I don’t know anyone that’s using it yet. Is it not available there yet?

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It probably is. My service is 99% reliable.
Tonight I am the one percent.

Have you tried getting pay as you go for the other phone companies to see if any of them work? I live in the country, and it took me 4 companies until I found one that gave me a good reception here. All the other ones I had to walk to the bottom of my street to make a call. This one is 4 bars in my house.

I’ve been out here for 3 hours now. Went back once to check but still down. Provider has the auto “we know things are fucked” message when you call.
I’m so bored and really want to sleep but the sam pai kenpo in me just can’t be cool on the side of the road here.

I’m kind of in an alpine holler.
I know all the spots on my property where there’s a signal when it’s clear and when it’s completely horrific weather wise.
Verizon is the most reliable in my area. This is a hot and ongoing topic of conversation amongst emergency services in these parts.
There are only two wires coming into my house, and I’ve only used one. When I bought my first house I cut the phone line… one less thing. But 9 years ago when we bought this place I didn’t do that, even though I really wanted to.

I haven’t had a landline since 2001.

I’m right in the sweet spot. I’m far enough in the country that I got a lot of woods around me, its tranquil and all kinds of wildlife, but close enough to a town that I dont have any real boondock problems.

Realistically, I’m alot closer to a town than most people would think. Despite my personae here, I make my living by helping people so I need to be within striking distance from where the people are.

Other than college students in Bozeman and Missoula, I’m more connected than 98% of Montana.
But it’s Montana. My backups need backups.

I’m out in the country and luckily my house is that one spot that gets a bar or two of service. The second I leave my driveway I lose service for the 15 minute drive it takes to get to the grocery store or gas stations.

Starlink service will be perfect for you, get signed up now if you still can get in on the new user trial, if not it’ll be available to all public soon. My buddy got in on the trial, it’s working really well. Latency is low enough to make phone calls too. (not like HughesNet)

I"m a fan of landlines though, nice to have a rock solid way to call 911 if cell service is shit or the tower goes down like in a natural disaster. YMMV

In porn eh?


I’m literally waiting for this to hit my area, then I’m moving out of Atlanta and into the mountains.
Cities are for beta males.

Man I would die to live out there. Or one of the dakotas. It’s always been my dream to be disconnected. But I love my boy to much to go too far from him.

About once an hour I drove back up to check, finally had service at around 0400. I’m wiped, lol.

MM, I’ve got a cabin in a holler and likewise poor cell reception.

I tried doing voice over WiFi, but the flyover fuck bonded DSL is down as much as it is up.

I’m looking into putting up a MIMO (cell booster) on an antenna. Has anyone has any luck with that approach?

keep reading this as “i need a land mine”

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$60 GODDAM dollars a month!!!

activates Thursday