I Guarantee This...(RE: Jones vs Sonnen)

  ...Jones will be begging to fight Sonnen pretty soon.  

Sonnen just scored a Knockout victory over the champ without even getting in the ring.  Sonnen just became an MMA hero at Jones' expense, while Jones just became the most despised fighter in MMA.  Sonnen doesnt even need to fight him anymore.  He can do whatever he wants and there will always be that stigma that Jones ducked him.

Not only did he turn down a fight with Sonnen, but he destroyed an entire event to avoid fighting him.  Jones was willing to piss off a countless number of people rather than fight Sonnen.  All the while Sonnen is looked at as a saviour of sorts, willing to step up and be the guy to save the event and fight for the fans and other fighters.  And this is not only in the eyes of the fans, but many fighters and the UFC as well.  Jones is currently being mocked by everybody.  The fans, other fighters, the UFC, the media, etc.  

To have all of this happen would be a fighters worst nightmare.   To have this happen to a fighter with Chael Sonnen standing at the other end  is 10x worse.  Sonnen is going to destroy Jones Jones through the media over the next few weeks.  

But what is really going to piss Jones off is that you will not even be able to mention Jones name for the forceable future without Chaels name being brought up.  What has happened in one day is exactly what Jones just said he wasn't going to allow happen.  Chael has attached himself to Jones the same way that little alien attaches itself to peoples faces in the Alien movies.  Wherever Jones goes it's going to be "Chael this, Chael that".  

He will be booed mercilessly.  I would even bet that before the first minute of the Jones/Machida fight is over, there will be chants of "Sonnen! Sonnen! Sonnen!" coming from the crowd.  This is going to eat at Jones.  I don't think his skin is thick enough or his shoulders are broad enough to accept all the things that are going to be said over the next while.  

I do feel bad for Jones, though.  Hindsights a bitch and I bet he's already wishing he took this fight.  He is probably going to feel like Apollo Creed in Rocky II.  He is going to loathe Sonnen to a point where that will be the only fight he wants.

Sorry for the FRAT

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