i guess ed soares aint so bad

so i got a ton of stuff signed at the boston expoEXCEPT my rd 5 anderson silva.. i waited in 3 lines and they closed right b4 i got it signed..
a shot in the dark i sent him an email.. and he said send it on down and he'll get it signed... i dont know i thought it goes against the grain of the way he is usually looked at
-until tito

Thats good to hear, he gets a bad rap around these here parts

ed is very much a businessman which some people won't like. the people who hate him are basically people who don't know him. ed is a good dude

Soares gets a ton of undeserved hate around here

He was very nice to me and my friend at the black house gym for Lyoto's press day before his First fight with Shogun. He's only got a bad rep on the UG from what I can tell. Vitor got caught up in the moment when he talked shit about him to Tru, but he apologized and said he felt really bad about it.

 Haters gonna hate.

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you have the most ridiculous slap fighting pictures known to the internet...you are the butthole of countless jokes & in your mind you think you are "owning" people online...

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You are somewhat known this website for the reasons I posted above...you somehow find this to be an accomplishment? Total ownage bro, total fucking ownage

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