I guess Shields is happy now

Can not win in the ring....so win by bitching.

Nick Diaz is gonna be proud.

Way to take foods out of an other fighter who lived in poverty all his Life and while being one of the Best in the world was just making 20000.

I hope you sleep nice tonight. I know i could not with all the lie you have been bullshitting this last 2 days. Phone Post 3.0

With logic like that, how can you argue?! Gonna be interesting to see the replies Phone Post 3.0

Now we just need Shields to suspend Mazzagatti as well and his work as President of WSoF/Head of NSAC will be complete.

But if Palhares didn't eye gouge and hold the submission (and crank harder) then Jake would have nothing to complain about. 

Palhares did this to himself.

Palhares has attempted to to take food out of multiple other fighters' mouths by trying to seriously injure them, which could end their careers, after they tapped and the ref stepped in to stop it. Palhares should be banned from the sport and has no one to blame but himself.

I don't even like Shields.

Not a huge Shields fan myself, but he has a legit complaint here. He will probably get fined for the punch.