I guess there is no convenient war post COVID like there was post 9/11

I guess if the Chinese did 9/11 we wouldn’t have gone to war either. I mean the whole Saddam Hussein thing was a front anyway. They leveled Libya afterwards too. It was part of their 7 part series including Syria.

It’s inconvenient to go to war with China so they will just pretend like nothing happened. The hypocrisy though is so high that something might give somewhere and cause a chain reaction. But maybe not because the average person is a fucking vegetable now.

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If only there was a fake WMD somewhere…

The cartels are developing nukes

Even US foreign policy elites aren’t stupid enough to fight a country that can fight back.

We could go invade Iraq anyway. It worked last time.


Well with any luck and if the Google funding thing turns out to be true, maybe America can come “liberate” California? We are effectively unarmed so it should be a cake walk!