i had a bar altercation (pic)

two weekends ago, i was in north carolina, near ashville, with my father.  we were going on a fishing excursion there.  so, i go to one of the local watering holes, and who the fuck do i see?  reggie warren junior. 

i tell him that i help to train ufc fighters, and he gets a little heated.  i talk some shit; he talks some shit, but then i buy him a pitcher of pbr, and we make up without any blood shed.

here is the pic

you where cuter bald.

I did a quadruple take. Is that really you? I guess if you spend enough time around Rogaine. Contact high hairgrowth?

Do you know how close you came to DEATH?

i didnt want none of him either.    he took on that little fucking wolverine of a man named spencer fischer

and i can grow hair, just not all of it

" Do you know how close you came to DEATH?"

i now do.  i think he was in a good mood cause he got some new cobra stickers on his ride that day

That whole picture is fucking awesome. If I ever met Reggie Fucking Warren, Jumnior, I would actually create a myspace account just to post that picture.

you are the luckiest s.o.b. alive

i havent washed my hand since i threw that ridgehand at him

CUO, I appreciate your bar story and photo. I recently threatened to throw
a wigger into a nearby dumpster because he made fun of my Poison shirt
while walking out of an 80's cover band show. In the end, I avoided
violence and am proud of that.

solid snake, no one insults rikki rocket.  no one!

and hank, reggie is a streetfighter akin to kimbo, except he has beat up a lot of the guys from miletich at iowa bars

"i havent washed my hand since i threw that ridgehand at him " sudo IMO

Reggie Warren Junior is a scary scary man....


Bow & Arrow...HA!!!
Reggie hunts with his bare hands


Erik the Red, you sound like you WANT Reggie to stomp your face in.

Do you have a death wish?

Damn Reggie is the man.