i had a bar altercation (pic)

hank, his fights and punches happen so fast thatt the camera is kind of useless


i would never say that to his face, hank.  never

Man CUO, you got to chill with REGGIE WARREN JR.! That's fuckin awesome! Did he try to beat anyones ass? How much beer did he drink? What did he teach you?

P.S. Erik the red should really watch what he says.

Reggie Warren Jr. doesn't go "hunting" because "hunting" implies the possibility of failure. Reggie Warren Jr. goes killing.

there was an ambulance coming to the bar when i was walking outside, but  i did not want to see if reggie had kicked some ass cause i really didnt know if he would turn on me.

he was drinking hi life when i came in, but i thought i would class him up with some pabst

as far as teaching was concerned, a lot of it was intimidation tactics and how to look away and then throw a punch out of nowhere

You're a lucky man to gain that sort of knowledge from such an asskicker of UFC fighters.

Reggie, you better be training. I was at the bar three times this past week doing 12 and 24 ounce curls! See you soon pal! -Spencer

lol kickass

OK, I'll be the first. 

Who the fuck is Reggie Warren?

Somebody please issue an internet challenge to Reggie and get wooped!

Reggie Warren is a puzzy, that's right I said it..he's a puss.


ttt for later, I must investigate this reggie warren phenom

Damn, Spencer Fisher is calling out Reggie after the severe beating he took. Spencer is still recovering from his two broken ankles that Reggie inflicted on him.

Watch your mouth knuckleface! Reggie would destroy you!

Billy-boy is my friend. He's a fellow Reggie Warren fan.

someone needs to kick his ass

olfocker, I could say a great white shark was a "puzzy" but that wouldn't make it true.

you are what you eat

I like that guy good thread lol.