I had a dream...

 ...that Randy Couture got in the Octagon to call out Fedor Emelianenko for one last fight. Randy was also shockingly hairy for some reason and had ridiculously long eyebrows.

Many people say that you can forsee the future through your dreams, so what do you guys think? Is there a potential for this fight to actually go down in the UFC?

I can see the UFC bringing Fedor in for a superfight with Randy..If fedor wins it would make him a star in the U.S and make the ufc a ton of money.

i hope so Phone Post

In all honestly, I don't think that is going to happen lol. Could be wrong, and I hope I am cause that would be pretty damn cool to see, but I don't see it happening.. especially since fedors management wants them to be payed more than what dfw offered, which was apparently a damn good deal. Phone Post

Honesty* Phone Post