I Had A Dream

Guys, I have been known to be called somewhat of prophet at times. With that said, this new vision of mine has me stumped. I have not been able to interpret it.

You see last night I had a dream that it was in fact that special day we have all been waiting for, GSP and the great Nick Diaz were finally fighting. But for some reason, they were fighting in a ring, not a cage. Also Nick diaz kept running in and out of the ring and playing tricks on George WWE style. George mainly stayed on the ground in the middle of the ring in a playboy-esque side-lying pose, trying to snatch nick as he ran by. For 2 rounds this took place. GSP looked very comfortable and at home in his position, relaxing on the floor.

Then, at the beginning of the 3rd round nick surprised George by gently nustling his back up against GSP's chest, voluntarily giving him the choke. GSP had a perplexed look and did not know how to react or properly execute a RNC. Nick Diaz then pulled out an acoustic guitar and sat Indian style next to George, playing gentle melodies and whispering Calming lyrics for not only GSP, but all the audience to enjoy. GSP was impressed by nicks performance, as this went on for rounds 3-5 until the bell rang.

Cecil people's and his wife must have been scoring the fight because Gsp remained champion, but everyone knew nick had won our hearts.

I know the UG is the best place to come for advice on anything because of the amount of users here with PhDs and doctorates. So if anyone has studied dream interpretation, please help out Phone Post

What the fuck did I just read?? Phone Post

You should go back to sleep.

I thought the post was awesome, haha! Phone Post

superCalo - 

Because of this vision have changed my bet to gSp winning, although in my heart i knew nick diaz won, thanks for the heads up brotha. Phone Post

Don't lose faith yet my friend, cecil peoples was employed in the OP's dream.
No way the honorable judges of Montreal would miss such an important decision when Nick obviously wins the fight.

I had a dream

(when I was young)

a dream of sweet illusion`